Welcome to Yamhill Valley Alternative Care

My name is Nathan Garrettson and I am the practitioner behind Yamhill Valley Alternative Care in Yamhill, Ore.

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What I do

Using the training I received at the Chinese National Acupuncture Research Institute and from Dr. Richard Tan, the developer of the balance method of acupuncture, I serve patients for whom chronic pain has become unbearable. I treat both acute and chronic pain and practice craniosacral therapy as part of treatment.

Who I treat

My patients are people who have been frustrated by their experiences with traditional medicine and who need someone who will listen, understand their whole story, and provide alternative treatment that helps. I strive to be that person.

Why I do what I do

It has never been more important for patients to seek out alternative forms of treatment to increase speed of recovery and better overall quality of life. When I help people who have struggled with pain for most of their lives, when I see the clouds part for them, often after one treatment, that’s truly the best moment of my day.

Freedom from pain

Many of my patients are stuck in the position where they are asking themselves how much physical pain they can afford to endure.

For my patients, my goal is always to move towards resolving their conditions. But my goals for myself are higher. I want to change lives for the better.

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Call (541) 914-6299 to chat with me directly and make an appointment.